During the editing process, I was constantly thinking music. Early on, after completion of photography, I heard a piece by Utah Composer Kurt Bestor. The piece entitled, “Fishing the Sky,” was used in the second montage where Melinda is running to Silver Lake on her “day of days.”

 I made contact with the composer and have ended up with much of his music in the score. The link to his website is I recommend you become a fan as I have.

While Saturday “garage sailing,” I bought a cassette tape of harp music by San Francisco artist, Aryeh Frankfurter. I use, with permission, several cuts from the tape. He has many CDs and tapes that can be ordered from

Gary Crite is a talented musician currently working in Los Angeles. He called me early on and offered to be the sound designer for our shoots. He is pictured often in the photos, with a microphone pole. Gary plays about 100 instruments and provided some incidental music and composed and sang “Betty’s Blues” and enlisted his friend and famous musician, Louie Ortega, to compose and sing “Louie’s Blues.”

Years ago, as a folk singer, I picked up a wonderful Christmas song from fellow singer,

Scott Alarik, entitled “Song of the Caroling Child.” I sing two verses on the soundtrack, with permission from Scott.

This brings me to the choral music in the film. When I was 16, I auditioned and was accepted in the world famous Roger Wagner Chorale. I was close friends with Roger until his death almost 10 years ago. His daughter, Jennine Wagner, carries on conducting the Chorale, and I have used her recording of “The Shepherd’s Carol” by the first American composer, William Billlings, from QUILTING AN AMERICAN CHRISTMAS on Chariot Records, link to

My dear friend, Paul Salmunovich, recently retired conductor of The Los Angeles Master Chorale, recorded for me “O Sacred Head” from Bach’s ST. MATTHEW’S PASSION

with his ST. CHARLES BORROMEO church choir. I also used his version of the traditional “Carol of the Bells” from the choir’s Christmas recording.

I composed the song “Which Came First” while singing in elementary school performances. Alice and Melinda sing it on Halloween in the film.

David Baumgarten